Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweating out the dog days

It could start cooling down any time now, and I would be happy for it. I don't know about you all, but it's really cramping my pinup style. I don't even bother wearing rollers any more, because my hair frizzes out the second I step outside. And I can't wear corsets in the heat, so I'm not cutting the figure I want. I can't wear powder, because it clogs my pores when combined with massive perspiration. I adore winter coats, which are useless right now.

What's truly dangerous is how the sun threatens my complexion. One man the other day yelled at me from across the train platform, "You're pasty white! You look sick! Go get some sun, you don't look healthy!" I replied, "I am healthy! I don't have melanoma!" To which he said, "Healthy my ass! You look sick!" All this while the guy is smoking a cigarette, digging through trash and grasping a bag of potato chips. But, in an effort to be a lady, I decided not to further exacerbate the situation. Although, it should also be noted that the heat makes me quite cranky. I consider it a small miracle that anyone bothers to try speaking with me when it's over 85 degrees.

I do what I can to make up for the pinup elements that suffer in heat. I've been experimenting with new ways to put up my hair, I work the pencil skirts and I still sport the red lipstick, unless it's likely to melt down my chin. Heels are always in season, and this is perhaps my saving grace.

I wonder if you all are a little tired in the heat as well. I received only one beauty tip in response to my previous post, a gift from the lovely Rapunzel for which I am very grateful. I will leave you now with her insider tip, and the hope that the heat is breaking, wherever you are.


Darn! I knew there was something else I wanted to do in NYC this past weekend! *pout* The Burlesque will have to wait for another time..sigh..

As far as beauty tips, the one day I got to be a pin-up gal I had lots of help from this fabulous lady and her staff:


She made me look gorgeous with liberal use of hairspray, bobby pins, and one perfectly-placed hair net. All day I found myself taking a peek in the mirror, and at my daughters, inquring why we couldn't look like that *every day*? I continue to ask myself that question..sigh...

I look forward to tips & tricks from you & your wise readers.


Rapunzel said...

What a nice birthday surprise for me to log onto one of my favorite blogs and see my very own name there in "print"! *wink*

So glad I could help but I am quite sure that you are as gorgeous as always, darling, lovely fair skin and all!

riviera22 said...

Yes, I also know the "DO_GAL :) Her name is Riviera & the great make girl she works with is Virginia M ....

goodgirl said...

Hello Kitty du Vert
I have a tip that may help with the rollers in hair versus frizziness situation.

I have wavy hair and humidity always effects my curls. I have learned to place a dime size droplet of lotion, any hand lotion will do, onto my palms and run it just over my hair. Then I put my hair in rollers. Once my hair sets, I take another droplet and lightly twirl my lotion fingers through each curl. I then hairspray, lightly, and my curls generally last. The only time this has not worked was when the humidity simply was too overwhelming (when I was in Australia).

Hope it helps.

In warmth

Kitty du Vert said...

Rapunzel--happy birthday!

Riviera22--yes her work is stupendous, not to mention inspiring, as is the work of the makeup artist. we need more people like them!

goodgirl--thank you so much for the tip! I will be trying it in the near future, and will let you know how it goes. NY humidity can't be worse than Australia's...at least I hope it isn't!

love to all,


Pinupmania said...

Sorry, my english is bad.
Very interesting blog. A great one ! Thanks
Olivier alias Pinupmania

Rapunzel said...

Riviera! So good to "see" you here! I'm sorry I neglected to mention Virginia and her incredible make-up skills! Between the two of you I felt like such a pin-up! ;-)

QuiteLight said...

Any tips for wearing nice shoes in the high heat? My feet sweat, & then I immediately get bloody blisters (sorry, graphic!), which disinclines me to even make that attempt to look nice.

And don't let the Melanoma Farms get you down. I'm still ghost-white at 33, & get CARDED regularly trying to buy alcohol. Bouncers actually congratulate me! (& No, no Lolita looks here. I dress like a big girl.)

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