Thursday, July 16, 2009

been a bad, bad girl

I know, I know...what good are apologies for my constant disappearances when they seem to keep happening? So, this time I won't offer one, but I did want to pop back up and let you know that everything is okay over here. This blog is still on. Thanks for your comments of concern.

The reasons for the absence may be of little consolation, but they include major home renovations and a move, and a one-month sentence to grand jury duty which has caused innumerable frustrations and many long days. All the while, I'm trying to keep up with the job that pays me, after spending 8-9 hours in a Brooklyn courtroom listening to the horrible things people do to each other. Then there's my volunteer work, and my laptop seems to work only when it feels like it. I am, however, pleased to report that in true pinup-lover form, my man presented a gift to me yesterday of a trip to Mario Badescu for a facial, to help calm me down and do something for myself after the stress of the last month (or two?).

I'm running late, so I have to move on...but I hope to be back in full force soon.


Rapunzel said...

Whew! So glad to see you back! Enjoy that well-deserved facial. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

hopefully all of that craziness will calm down soon! no wonder you haven't blogged in a while.

enjoy your trip to the spa!


goodgirl said...

Kitty Du Vert,
Although it is good to know all is well, albeit hectic in your world, my post to you is not about you being away but to share with you that I believe I finally understand your hair/humidity factor. I have recently moved to Ontario and the humidity level has done numbers to my hair. What was once lovely ironed, straight hair now seems to curl as the day comes to an end. I do believe I will have to do the curled look now and it is because of my new hair style that I think of you and the one post you typed so long ago asking for advice with regards to keeping your hair curled and not frazzled. I am now using my own hand lotion technique and thankfully it works.

Truly I just wanted to share that silly memory and my hair antics.

I hope the home renovations are almost finished and as a girl who has done jury time herself, I hope that passes by quickly as well.



Katie said...

Life gets in the way sometimes... but glad you are still with us!

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