Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pandora's Choice Giveaway!

As you know, I don't endorse things here that I don't genuinely adore. I'm not paid to endorse anything, and there are no ads on this blog. So when I tell you that Pandora's Choice is every pinup's one-stop shop for vintage lingerie, I mean it. To prove it to you, I have arranged with the lovely people at Pandora's Choice to give away frilly knickers to one lucky Pin-up Tales reader!

Here's what you do: Go to the Pandora's Choice website. Browse around, then comment back here and tell me about a couple of your favorite items on the site. This shouldn't be too hard, given that the shop has everything from stockings by What Katie Did (my personal favorites), to corsets, girdles, bullet bras, bustles, petticoats, makeup, gloves and more. Next Thursday, the names of everyone who commented will be put into a hat, and one lucky pinup will win a pair of frilly knickers! For the guys out there, these make a great gift, and Valentine's Day is coming...

And that's it! Get your soon-to-be-frilly-knickered rear in gear, browse the beautiful site and comment back here no later than midnight on Wednesday, January 21. Please spread the word about the giveaway on your own blog or website, and be sure to link to Pandora's Choice as well. If this goes well, we may be able to do it again!


Kat C. said...

I'm the first to comment?

I want frilly knickers!

But i like the Red corset - red velvet corsets by What Katie did corsetry =)


madeleinemiranda said...

Hi, I love this website, and at the moment I am drrling over their sheer petticoats, but I also like the look of the red stockings with the black seam. Unusual! I don't have those in my colection yet! :)

Great idea for a give away!

How many times can we enter? :p

Take care now!

Mademoiselle M.

Anonymous said...

lets see... what's not to love!

i adore their seamed stocking (especially the ones with the cuban heel), their black floral stockings, all of the frilly knickers (one can never have too many frilly knickers), and the red velvet corset by What Katie Did


later! H.

Caroline said...

Hi there! Just started reading your blog and thank you for directing me to this site! I love 1940s fashion!

I have to say though...I think this red hot lace up corset is my favorite! http://www.pandoraschoice.com/lace-up-corset---satin-boned-oriental-lace-up-corset-made-by-what-katie-did-148-p.asp

Real Gone Retro said...

I just found your site today I have just began waist training with professional corsets and I was looking for tips and thats how I found your site. I cannot thank you enough the info on your site about corsets is extremely helpful!

I love you for recommending this site, but now I am going to spend all my pay checks on lingerie. I adore everything on the site and I am buying a pink bullet bra and some thigh highs.

I especially love and think i am going to purchase on monday the lulu bullet bra and lulu girdle in red and black.

Being a pin up model I cant resist anything of the items but I dont want to make this list go on forever. I adore the pin up whirlbool bullet bra I have a corset that would match it perfectly. Also I dont think I can live without that 40s red pencil skirt its amazing! Also the black silk bolero is perfect! Every item is amazing!

xo Darla Deville

baby girl said...

hi! i've just recently stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying it very much.

who doesn't want frilly knickers?! :)

so many lovely things to drool over on that website. thanks for sharing it. i think my favorite is the "what katie did raw silk sophia corset". beautiful!

hope the contest goes well.

wanderingblueeyes said...

I love, love, love Kiss Me Deadly's Alouette Retro Garter Dress!!! Also love the look, feel and content of your blog :)



Meredith said...

I love the "What Katie Did Cabaret Velvet Sophia corset." It seems like that's the popular pick. What can I say? It's gorgeous.

*crosses fingers*


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the whole Angels carrying Savage Weapons corset line. Intricate patterns on corsets are seriously sexy, and corsets are my favorite line of lingerie. The What Katie Did red cabaret corset is also awesome.
Nifty stuff.

spamless08 at gmail

rebecca said...

rebecca said:

Everything is so wonderful. I love the corsets, bullet bras, there vintage makeup, gloves.

Emmie ♥ said...

How exciting! Loved the site, the corsets were gorgeous. I was also impressed that there was some sort of fitting service for some pieces since I generally have a tough time trying to find the right size for my weird shape.
(but please don't put me in the drawing :) I just spent a good deal on new undies already)

thedudeabides said...

I liked the classic lingerie section. Girdles and stockings are just classy. There's a nice selection in the stockings section too.

And to agree with everyone else, those red velvet corsets are stunning.

paulmaud @ ymail-dot-comm

Deanna said...

Oooh! So much good stuff! Some of my favs are: the Angels Carrying Savage Weapons Gina overbust corset, the 1940's style vintage pin up girl compact mirror and the Gypsy rose burlesque lingerie bralette.

doll said...

Well I rather like the halter neck bikini but feel it should be in colours other than black. My mother had one similar in red and it looked fabulous.

victory regained said...

I'm coming over from Deity's blog, maybe I can get something cute for my girl! It was hard to choose just one thing but I really liked the 'mistress' suspender belt by Stockings and Romance.


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

David said...

What a lovely website, many many delicous choices. Two items that really caught my eye were:
the Retro lingerie Vargas Girdle Dress by Kiss me Deadly
the Vintage long style lace up vintage corset.

I will definitely have to visit a few more times.

But the frilly knickers will make a lovely gift.



Aurélie Muller said...

ooowwww it is gorgeous! i wanna all!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of stuff I like, but if I had to choose just three, it would be

1. Angels Lucile Corset
2. Red frill burlesque knickers
3. Sienna luxury silk teddy


This was fun, thanks!

- Mercury

Thursday's Child said...

I can't believe I didn't know that Deity's girl had her own blog before now! I love lingerie blogs!

Pandora's Choice is new to me, but wow, they have some adorable stuff! I love this raw silk corset in red or black: http://www.pandoraschoice.com/ava-silk-corset--by-angels-carrying-savage-weapons-554-p.asp
with the matching Lulu side tie panties! I'm in love!

And I'll totally spread the word on my blog and on twitter!

Dee said...

Love love love the leather corset with lace up corset back.
Also really like the longline bras, shame they don't do it in an A cup though :(


Maddie said...

So many things to love :) What about the WKD raw silk corsets?


Your Little Slut said...

Oooooooooh, yippee!!

I love the Edwardian Style Vintage Corset in the deep purple as well as the Satin Corset. They're both gorgeous.


Elina said...

Oh my, it's rather easier telling what I do not wish but even that's a hard thing to do. But for the moment I'm most in to the Betty Pin up lingerie lace bullet bra by Stockings and Romance -it's wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love the "Vargas retro lingerie black girdle dress". I've been looking for attractive girdle dresses and have finally found one!

I also like the ivory silk delacroix suspender belt/camisole collection. Very pretty. Simple.


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