Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Favorite Things Roundup for June

Starting now, I'm going to try devoting one post every month to things I like. A lot of times I find myself admiring something, and I want to write about it but it's just not enough for an entire post. And, I would hate to subject you to endless and sporadic endorsements for products that I enjoy (but, I repeat, am NOT getting paid to plug), and so this way you can easily avoid them if you like.

Now, let's get started:

1. The print ads for Weeds and Secret Diary of a Call Girl

There aren't many ads that I actually want to look at, but this duo does it. I've even positioned myself near them on the subway platform so I can look more closely at them, and wonder why they're not up in the subway stations I use most frequently. It should be noted that I have never seen one episode of either show. I don't have Showtime, and my Netflix queue is too long as it is. But, I can still admire the polka dot bathing suit on Mary-Louise Parker and her lovely (if out of place) sequined green heels. I'm not as familiar with the other actress and don't care for the dress she wears in the martini glass, but the overall effect is still good enough for me. This is also a good time for me to recommend this very fun blog for more adventures in pin-up advertising.
I got this because they discontinued the color liner that I usually wore, but didn't have especially high hopes because I was pissed about my favorite liner being newly extinct. It's a nude liner so it doesn't do much for adding depth to your lip color, but wow--my lipstick does last longer and stay in place better. Another plus is that since it's nude, you can wear it with any lip color you have. For a girl on a budget like me, versatility is key.
Beautiful shoes. Elegant styles. Go.

4. Parasols

I've mentioned before that one of the best things you can do for your skin is stay out of the sun.
A pretty parasol probably won't make the difference between skin that is sunburned and blistery versus skin that is soft and smooth, but it adds an element of style that suntan lotion cannot. Plus, suntan lotion doesn't protect your hair color, which fades faster with increased sun exposure. Perhaps equally eye-catching and just as effective for sun protection is a hat with an extra-wide brim. However, the laws of desire being what they are, I already have such a hat, and so it doesn't make the list this month.

Maybe next time.

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